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Key Areas of Research for Choosing AlfaTrade Forex Broker

Long-term, experienced professional Forex traders at the retail level often have trading accounts with several Forex brokers. They realize that nothing other than direct personal experience with a broker will reveal their favorite, because that determination cannot be achieved solely through simulated trading accounts or broker review websites. For new traders, however, the ones that…

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TorOption Binary Options Broker

TorOption Broker as Your Binary Options Guide

There is a new age investment choice out there today called binary options trading. In order to be successful in this type of investing a trader needs an experienced broker to help guide them. TorOption Broker is that guide that can help clear the muddy waters that surround binary option trading. Belonging to TorOption is…

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Fibonacci retracement and Royal Capital Pro

The World of Fibonacci Trading and Royal Capital Pro

Recorded to have been started by a man named Leonardo Pisano more than a millennium ago, Fibonacci retracement patterns remain a robust tool for trading today’s financial markets. It has acquired several modifications to its original version, yet the interpretation of the data presented remains the same. So, what is Fibonacci retracement? How does it…

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