SpotOption platforms

SpotOption – A Complete Platform of Products and Services

Autonomous brokerage operations are seen as the wave of the future by many, and SpotOption is a company that was founded in 2010 in order to provide the software that is intelligent enough that almost anyone can get in on the action. The underlying premise is that the computer’s algorithms are sophisticated enough so that everything from marketing, sales, and retention can be handled with little human interaction.

SpotOption has global offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and London with a headquarters in Israel, but the recent move has been to reduce the operations at the headquarters in order to provide a global expansion initiative. That should not be a problem since the company has over 150 employees with many of them being experts in their field and bringing that knowledge to the company in order to, they say, help online operators be the best that they can be in the field.

The company’s services are diverse with offerings in the following categories: Website/CMS, trading platform, CRM, SPOT+, and payment processing. A brokerage can use a combination of this various software as the backend for their operation so that they can bring in the customers. To begin with, an online operator needs to have a quality website that not only has the functionality necessary to satisfy its customers, but it should also look good with a skin that is recognizable so that the brand is upheld. That is what is available in this category with a content management system (CMS) that allows even those not very affluent in design technology to maintain and improve the website of their company.

Then, the trading platform helps the customers perform trades with ease, and this activity and customer information is handled through the customer relationship management section known as SpotCRM. Then, the SPOT+ part of the back office system is where the innovative algorithms take hold and allow the majority of the automated activity for the autonomous brokerage partners. Finally, the Spot Paymentech portion of the backend allows simple and intuitive payment handling. It holds a PCI certification as a master payment service provider, and that helps the partners to be certain that they can trust the operation to be compliant and secure for both them and their customers. The Spot Paymentech module includes global payment processing with the ability to use multiple payment providers around the globe with alternative payment schemes integrated and acquiring banks as well.

Traders who want to use SpotOption directly for its Forex options also have quite a few choices to select from. There is a clear and concise direct contract trading interface so that buys and sells can be made with ease. A different route can be taken by contracts for differences (CFDs) with regulated opportunities in various global markets. The Japanese Ladder is an offered product so that some of the gains can be locked in at various thresholds, known as rungs, in order to guarantee some type of profit if the value does rise.

The derivative trading through SpotOption can be handled through the robust web interface or the software can be downloaded for use on a home or work computer. There is a Metatrader4 (MT4) plugin that has similar abilities, and a Wechat interface brings SpotOption to the vast number of mobile users already utilizing that software. Finally, a land option for brick and mortar businesses allows the customers to come in and make trades through the interface that is akin to something like a video game. There is a lot to look into if one is interested, and the SpotOption company definitely brings enough to the table to be in the running with its competitors.